Brand Marketing

A company’s brand extends beyond its logo and namesake - your brand’s meaning lies in the feeling a consumer gets when they purchase your products. Moreover, your brand has the power to change consumer demand - a powerful asset to say the least. Without a cohesive marketing plan, your brand loses its power. Effective brand marketing makes your message loud and clear. Our marketing company lives and breathes brand marketing. Our team will work with your company to develop a marketing plan for your brand which signals your its meaning every step of the way.


Most businesses care about their brand because their brand has significant influence over sales. Strong brands, unlike weak brands, can shift consumer demand in that they can command a higher price and generate greater volume. For this reason, brand marketing is strongly linked with business strategy - successful companies with effective brands care about consumers and aspects other than brand building. The focus should be on building business, drawing in new consumers and establishing a relationship with frequent consumers. Namely, building an effective brand is all about maintaining a demand-led perspective as you develop your business strategy. Instead of asking questions like, “Do we need to rebrand?” you should be asking questions such as, “Can customers rely on our brand to deliver what we’ve promised?”

Brand marketing begins with thinking about the customer. Primarily, you have to define your brand to the customer - what does the brand mean to customers? The brand’s meaning is the guarantee which consumers associate with the product. This meaning should include the target market which the product is attempting to serve, how the product is different from competitors, and a solution for the target market. Consumers that remember a brand for serving them in the past are more likely to prefer the brand in the future. If a brand changes from its signature product, it can maintain consumers as it develops other products based on brand alone if the brand is a strong and credible enough signal of the brand’s meaning and the feelings that it elicits.

However you choose to define the brand, the product should signal this meaning to customers, employees, investors and stakeholders. If your final product doesn’t reflect the brand itself and the message which you wish to convey, it won’t resonate with consumers. Rather, consumers will get an entirely different idea of what the brand means and this distortion may help or hurt the company. In order to preserve the meaning of the brand, all marketing channels must signal the same message. This has been made significantly easier with the help of social media platforms and other multi-media strategies, but this also boils down to the product’s packaging, customer service and website usability. While this sounds easy, coordination problems make execution of this strategy difficult. Multiple parts of the organization represent the brand, and if any parts of the brand fail to signal the brand’s message, the brand will be weakened.

Another necessary component of brand marketing is distortion management and amplification. Although the company can market the brand through a variety of channels, it must account for any losses that might occur if the brand is not effectively branded. To account for these losses, a brand should amplify their message in traditional channels and look for opportunities to incorporate the brand message through other channels. Additionally, the company should manage brand distortion by listening to customer complaints and responding to them before they get out of hand. These days, with the help of social media, one unhappy customer can rally thousands of others against your brand. Putting a system in place for complaint management and responding to these complaints by changing either the product or the brand may reduce the potential for significant losses.

Our marketing company is the experienced leader in brand marketing. Whether your company has yet to brand itself or if your company needs help marketing its revamped brand, our marketing company is here to help! Contact us today about your company’s brand marketing needs.

Reach your Target Market

To consumers, the brand should mean something valuable to them. How does your product serve your target market?

Reflect your Brand

The organization is just as important as the final product. Every aspect of the company must reflect the brand.

Amplify your Brand

To make sure that your message is loud and clear, it is important to minimize brand distortion from all sources.