Corporate Identity

Every organization needs to define their identity, not only for consumers but also for their employees, stakeholders and investors. Our company can help you as you define your corporate identity. With input from consumers, investors and employees, we can determine the current image of your company. Most importantly, we will work with you as you try to improve this image and create a new identity. Your new identity should differentiate your company, speak to your organization’s values, and resonate with employees. We will also maintain this identity to build a sustainable brand name for the future.


Corporate identity is the public understanding of your company - it is what keeps customers coming back, employees proud to work for you, and investors willing to continue financially supporting your company’s vision. Corporate identity is typically crafted by a company’s communications department, but it is maintained through branding and trademarks. The company’s brand should be different, relevant, and coherent. More specifically, the brand itself must stand out amongst competitors, it must resonate with target audiences, reaffirm brand promises, build upon brand reputation in promises fulfilled, and it must remain committed to innovation in providing the best possible product or service given the times. Corporate identity is comprised of corporate design, communication and behavior.

Corporate design is the signature look which accompanies a firm’s products. Corporate design includes the company’s logos, trademarks, and uniforms. Corporate design is important because it provides the company with recognizability, such that consumers and non-consumers alike know that the organization exists and are able to recall its name. This component solidifies the brand’s reputation which is important for consumers, but also for employees. When employees can not only recognize the brand, but identify with it, they are more likely to feel as though they have a stake in it and to take responsibility for it by generating greater work.

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Corporate communication includes the advertising, marketing, and public relations which the company sets forth for its products. Corporate communication establishes your company’s goals and mission to the public, while promoting your products to its target market. While corporate communication need not be brand specific, corporate communication reinforces brand endorsement by linking a familiar company with a product or service.

Corporate behavior is the culture of the company, which is established through the company’s internal values and norms. From within the corporation, corporate identity is defined by the social interactions which take place in the workplace. Namely, corporate identity is how employees, who perceive themselves as acting on behalf of the company, interact with one another and make sense of the company in the larger social context.

Corporate identity need not only be established, but it must also be maintained. Through careful maintenance, assessment and development, corporate identity can build upon a more sustainable long-term brand name. Corporate identity must be maintained through socialization within the company - the company’s culture (workplace and employees) should embody corporate values.

Our marketing company can help you to establish corporate identity. Our marketing company is experienced in brand positioning, messaging, design, and naming. Each of these tools is inherent to defining corporate identity, but most importantly, they are difficult to do from within the company. Our team is well-poised to assist your company as they identify their corporate identity. By first identifying what others think about your company and conducting research on similar businesses, our marketing team will work with your organization to create a goal for the future. After articulating a company vision, our marketing team will facilitate the creative process to pinpoint your corporate identity and best routes to convey this message to the public. With this identity on hand, your company will be best suited to maintain a lasting corporate image, both for your consumers and your employees.


Defining a succinct corporate identity is the key to organizational success. What’s yours?


The most successful companies stand out - what makes your company any different from competitors?


Corporate identity is maintained within the workplace - does your organization identify with the corporate identity?